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FSA & FCAT Testing Schedule

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FSA & FCAT Testing Schedule
by Jamey Hough - Friday, January 26, 2018, 12:38 PM

If your child is in an FSA-tested grade level (grades 3-5), testing will begin soon.  Please review the testing schedule below.  Dates are subject to change.

4th/5th Grade ELA WritingMarch 6th
4th/5th Grade ELA Writing Make-Ups
March 7th
3rd Grade ELA/ReadingApril 10th-11th 
3rd Grade ELA Make-UpsApril 12th
5th Grade ELA ReadingApril 16th-17th
4th Grade ELA ReadingApril 18th-19th
4th/5th Grade ELA Reading Make-UpsApril 20th
3rd Grade MathApril 24th-25th 
3rd Grade Math Make-UpsApril 26th 
4th Grade MathMay 1st-2nd
5th Grade ScienceMay 1st-2nd
4th Grade Math Make-UpsMay 3rd
5th Grade Science Make-UpsMay 3rd
5th Grade MathMay 7th-8th
5th Grade Math Make-UpsMay 9th 

FSA practice tests are available at if you would like to view the formatting, see sample questions, and get some extra practice with your child.